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We Offer A Wide Range of Services From Body Massage. Our administrations range from a blend of Body and Foot rubs, Organic Manicures, Pedicures, Organic Facials and Exotic Rituals for the Hand, Foot and Body, Body Massage.

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Aroma Oils Across the World Full Body Massage Services are Regarded as Perfect Remedies to Overcome the Stress, Full Body Massage in Thane, Full Body Massage in Pune, Full Body Massage in Mumbai, Full Body Massage in Andheri.

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These Massage Techniques Provide Relaxation, Circulation and Elimination of Toxins. If Adopted as a Daily, Ayurveda Massage in Pune, Ayurveda Massage in Mumbai, Ayurveda Massage in Thane, Ayurveda Massage in Vashi, Ayurveda Massage in Surat.


Thai Massage has Many Benefits for the Individual. It Uses the Gentle Pressure on Energy Lines and, Thai Massage in Thane, Thai Massage in Mumbai, Thai Massage in Pune, Thai Massage in Andheri, Thai Massage in Ahmrdabad, Thai Massage in Kharghar.

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Swedish Massage is the Most Common and Best-Known Type of Massage in the West. If it’s Your First, Swedish Massage in Mumbai, Swedish Massage in Thane, Swedish Massage in Thane, Swedish Massage in Andheri, Swedish Massage in Pune.

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Hot Stone Massage Therapy Melts Away Tension, Eases Muscle Stiffness and Increases Circulation and Metabolism, Hot Stone Massage Therapy in Mumbai, Hot Stone Massage Therapy in Pune, Hot Stone Massage Therapy in Thane, Hot Stone Massage Therapy in Vashi, Hot Stone Massage Therapy in Dadar.


Deep Tissue Massage A type of Massage Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage Uses Firm Pressure and Slow Strokes to Reach Deeper Layers of, Deep Tissue Massage in Mumbai, Deep Tissue Massage in Pune, Deep Tissue Massage in Navi Mumbai.

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Nisha Health Spa An invigorating and exfoliating body scrub using sea salts and almond oil to stimulate blood circulation and remove dead skin cells. At the end, mint gel is used for a moisturizing effect. This scrub is especially beneficial for those with a dry skin.

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Delight in the intoxicating aroma of fresh coconut and honey body scrub as your skin is polished to perfection. Refreshing and stimulating, it will rejuvenate, soften and refine your skin as it gently exfoliates. Freshly grated coconut is a wonderful skin conditioner, leaving a silky soft texture, and especially beneficial for those with a sensitive skin.

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Dark, rich cocoa is added to freshly ground rice powder, oats & rose water. Aroma of chocolate releases endorphins, that which promotes the feeling of calm and well being. The anti oxidants found in cocoa help erase wrinkles and improve skin quality.

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nisha health spa

female to male body massage

If you are looking for a Female to male body massage in Mumbai Pune Thane great massage, we have professional and trained massage girls, who can fulfill your requirements. Why you would be alone in your life. Don't take tension we are here to solve your all problems.

Depression, Stress, Back Pain

depression, stress, back pain, joint pain, sleep problem, headache, frustrated, injury and digestive system problem. All of these massage therapists are highly trained and educated in a various of massage services which will give you a perfect massage experience in the city

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The client will never forget excellent and unforgettable massage service of our massage girls. We are here to provide best massage therapy at a reasonable cost. Our massage girls provide you a better massage service.

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